How Assisted Living Improves Quality Of Life?

The resources and choices available to senior people today are various and can help them achieve their wellness objectives. Although this is undoubtedly wonderful news, having too many choices can make it difficult for seniors and their family members to choose the best course of action. Senior living communities are presently home to one million […]

The Benefits of Yoga for Dementia Patients

“More than 55 million senior people suffer from dementia worldwide, with over 10 million new cases each year”, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). As a caregiver, you may be concerned about the future of your senior loved one with dementia. There are few rare cases of recovery from dementia. Unfortunately, no treatment for dementia is […]

Dealing with a struggling and aging parents?

Everyone must deal with aging parents, although it may be challenging at times. Your parents have always been by your side, assisting you in overcoming all of your challenges, big and little. It’s a completely different story if they have memory loss, dementia, physical pain, or are simply unable to perform daily tasks as well […]